Create an Awesome .bash_profile for Your Mac Terminal

April 22, 2015 Reading time - 10 minutes

What is a .bash_profile and Why Should I Care?

Hidden inside your Mac’s user directory is a file called .bash_profile. Your .bash_profile contains all the configurations and preferences for your command line and assigns it a user specific environment. First off, why would you want to edit your terminal profile? If you’re a heavy terminal user, you may find it useful to customize certain text colors, change command line prompts, edit your $PATH directory and add aliases to certain commonly used functions.

Editing your .bash_profile

Your awesome new .bash_profile

The following is a compiled .bash_profile that I came across on GitHub and forked it for future reference. It’s a very concise and well commented document that has a ton of useful aliases. Here is the link to the file via GitHub Gist thanks to Nathaniel Landau who compiled the file.