From Zero to Hired Web Developer in 5 Months

June 04, 2015 Reading time - 3 minutes

So I landed my first web developer job after only 5 months of learning code. I didn’t think I was anywhere near ready to start applying but it was time to move on from my previous line of work and I was starting to make some progress in my learning so I started applying to about 5 jobs a day. I was surprised to get some calls and emails back pretty quickly and started thinking maybe I have a chance. Not long after, I was offered an internship at a great company with an amazing team, which I gladly accepted. Just 3 weeks later, I left the internship for a salary position that was offered to me at another great company. The reason I am sharing this experience is in hopes that it will help beginners like myself understand what they can do to stand out among other developers.

Any questions, added bits of advice, experiences or stories? Don’t hesitate to comment below!