Link Dump 01 // Bookmarked Nuggets

February 25, 2015 Reading time - 1 minute

A collection of bookmarks from this month that may or may not be worth sharing. Mostly just some cool resources for developers.

Hear New York in 3D Audio (Video)
Nerdy hipster dude explains binaural audio and the ASMR phenomenon.

Novena (Article)
An open-hardware computing platform that can be used as a laptop, desktop or standalone board. Probably NSFD (not safe for drinks).

catechgory (Resource)
A compiled list of available 2 letter domain names. That is all.

Codyhouse (Resource)
An awesome free library of fancy, responsive HTML, CSS and JavaScript code bits. I spent probably a little too long browsing some of the demos and glancing at the code, they are all pretty amazing. (Software)
Some of the developers behind Spotify created a mobile app screen recorder for for user testing. Lookback is currently in beta.

GitHut (Resource)
GitHut uses data from 2.2 million active repositories on GitHub and lists the top active languages used.