Link Dump 02 // Web Develper Resources

March 25, 2015 Reading time - 2 minutes

All the links in this month’s link dump are developer resources that I have bookmarked. I suppose I haven’t been looking at much else on the web lately. So here are some cool links for all my web nerd homies out there!

Programming Languages (Flowchart)

This is a flowchart that can help you determine which programming langauge is for you and which to learn first, based on a flowchart. It also uses Lord of the Rings analogies, just in case it wasn’t nerdy enough to begin with.

Fantastical 2 (App)

If you’re like me and hate the iCalendar app, Fantastical 2 is a way better option for the sheer fact that it’s clean, sleek design. It has more options, voice recognition and can even be themed, although the default theme has great color schemes. There’s also an iOS app available for it which obviously will sync to the OSX version.

CSS Sans (Font)

Someone on /r/webdev posted this and I found it to be pretty cool. It’s an entire font created using pure CSS code blocks. I thought it was interesting how minimal the code is and how the curves and angles of the letters are made using such lines as transform: skew(30deg,0); and border-radius:0 300% 300% 0 /0 180% 180% 0;

Afterglow (Sublime Text Theme)

As I type out this post right now, I am using the minimal dark theme which has some really great colors which is also based on another great theme called Spacegray. Since I love Sublime Text and minimal UI’s, I will definitely be using these themes so my eyes can rest easy while glaring upon lines of code. Both themes are for Sublime Text 2 and 3.

TodoMVC (MV* Framework Selector)

I found this site to be extremely helpful in my process of getting ready to learn some JavaScript frameworks. A team of developers created this site which uses the same Todo application implemented by various popular MV* frameworks such as Angular.js and Backbone.js. Each example has a link to the source on GitHub and most of the examples even demo the routing for you.

Overleaf (Rich Text Editing)

Using LaTeX typesetting system, Overleaf is a great rich text editor for composing documents for research, official transcripts and publishing. It offers a browser based text editor which uses templates for resumes, newsletters, bibliographies, etc. and has an auto refresh to preview your document. I am currently working on rewriting my resume using one of their resume templates and it lets you dive right into learning how LaTeX works.

Do you have any relevant or completely irrelevant links you’d like to share? Comment below or tweet them to me, I’d love to hear from you.