Link Dump 07 // Noteworthy Web Articles

September 19, 2016 Reading time - 1 minute

Here are some articles I’ve had bookmarked over the last few months. I thought I’d share them on here. That is all.

Going All In on Flexbox
Excellent breakdown with illustrations of some common challenges and obstacles encountered when using flexbox.

Twelve Fancy Chrome DevTools Tips
Pretty self explanatory title. A list of some really helpful Chrome Devtools tricks and tips that you may or may not know. A good start is to go and download Chrome Canary and use it for development.

Oh shit, git!
The writer of this article shares some of the messy git situations he’s gotten himself into and what he did to get out of them.

Stop forcing your arbitrary password rules on me
Examples of extremely annoying and unnecessary security techniques with practical solutions to each one.

Learn Vanilla JavaScript Before JS Frameworks
An argument against the notion that you don’t need to know much vanilla JS to crack into one of the many JS frameworks out there.

The State of JavaScript in 2016
A research article which uses surveys and observations to help developers conclude which JS framework to learn and use. The writer does come to a conclusion at the end, so read through the article to find out.