Link Dump 09 // Tech YouTubers Worth Following

June 09, 2018 Reading time - 1 minute

YouTube’s increasing problem of demonetization and censorship has created a demand for decentralized video sharing platforms such as DTube, BitChute and Flixxo. However, it goes without saying that until one of these platforms really takes off, YouTube is still king for finding the best video content on the web. It’s also a great source for learning about technology and computing among everything else you can learn for free on YouTube. But we are just here for the nerdy stuff, right? So for this link dump I thought I’d share some of my favorite tech YouTubers.

Very informative videos on encryption, hacking, cyber security, and the history of computing. New videos are posted about 2 or 3 times a week, so there is plenty of interesting content to dive into.

Linus Tech Tips
You may have already heard of Linus Tech Tips, its a very popular channel with over 6 million subscribers. But perhaps I am late to the party, as I just recently have been spending time watching more of his videos as I get more into PC hardware and custom builds.

Chris Were
A much lesser known channel compared to the others listed here, but nevertheless has served as an educational resource for me as I have been exploring the world of Linux distributions. Chris offers solid reviews and critiques of various Linux distros which can save you some time before going through the trouble of testing them out yourself.

Last but not least, N-O-D-E is a resource for sharing both hardware and software hacks, new rogue technologies, gadgets, decentralized solution and optimizing privacy and infosec.