Achieve Programming Zen with Ruby Koans

February 24, 2016 Reading time - 1 minute

Whether you are someone who is looking to start learning Ruby or an experienced Rubyist looking improve your programming skills, you should be familiar with the Neo Ruby Koans. Working through the Ruby Koans teaches fundamental programming concepts through repetition and meditation on each line of code. A koan is defined as “a paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.” In this sense, the Ruby Koans lives up to its name as each block of code is its own lesson, written in a way that shows the elegance and simplicity of Ruby.

Being that Ruby is an object oriented programming language, the lessons constantly reinforce how everything is an object in Ruby which can be seen throughout each koan. You will also learn perhaps one of the key elements of programming which is problem solving. Ruby Koans uses Test Driven Development as a Mantra. There is a constant repetition in running path_to_enlightenment.rb after saving your code as it will tell you if your code has passed or failed, as well as the expected answer. Through this method, you learn by failing, refactoring and working your way through errors.

If you feel you are ready to discover the path_to_enlightenment, more information on Neo Ruby Koans as well as installation instructions can be found here.

Remember, “mountains are merely mountains”.